Before asking how, it is better to ask why in any phenomenon. If we understand why concept then there, it is easy to understand how. In this article I wont tell you about how the word business came into existence and any history about business but will tell you why business happens.

So why exactly Business happens?

businessThe answer is in just three words, that is, “Business is behavior”. One’s behavior decides how good he or she gonna do business. If someones behavior gets admired by people, he or she will do good business vice verse.

Now the question is why someone behave in certain manner? The answer is belief. The way sense organs reports to the brain leads to a system called belief system. Whatever we see, whatever we listen, whatever we smells, whatever we feel and whatever we tastes contributes to our belief system. It doesn’t matter whether we are religious or atheist, It is totally dependent on our senses. So, usually a good business person always focuses on the belief of its employee rather than talking about business and target. Because a good belief leads to a good behavior and then good business.

Business man is one, under whom at-least hundred people are contributing their time for him. Rest all are self employed. And next step of business man is investor.  If the behavior of a business man is much admired by the employees, the enterprise automatically builds itself bigger and bigger in size by passing each decade like TATAs.

So before starting any business one should must check whether his behavior is appreciated by others or not. And to count on the behavior one should must check, the contribution of his and her beliefs. It is belief which shapes the real purpose of business. For instance, Narayan Murthy started Infosys as a remedy to poverty. So Infosys hires more people who are capable of working and pays less so that cash can be shared with more number of people. And hence this purposeful behavior created millions of jobs and hundreds of IT giants in India.

As always your comments will be much appreciated and questions will be much more appreciated. 🙂


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