Bhagavad Gita

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Bhagavad gita

Epic War of Mahabharata begins and Arjun drops his weapons.

Lord Krishna: What are you looking at?

Arjun: I am looking at all father figures, grandsire, sages, brothers, fries and sons.

Lord Krishna: Why look? You are not seeing them for the first time.

Arjun: True I am not seeing them for the first time.

Lord Krishna: You also knew that all these friends and relatives would stand to wage war in this battlefield.

Arjun: Is there no difference between knowing and seeing? Take my chariot to the centre of the two armies. I wish to see both armies in the proper perspective

Lord Krishna: I’ll take you there but O Arjun why did you not say this before the bugle was blown

Arjun: Because war became certain after the bugle was blown

Lord Krishna takes him to the middle of the battlefield

Lord Krishna: We are at the centre of the battlefield, Arjun

Arjun: These are not armies but mighty oceans

Lord Krishna: How long will you look at them?

Arjun: Let me look at them, who know who I’ll get to see after the war and who I won’t see. O Krishna! Whom do I seek to wage war with? And whose lives have I staked for this war? On both sides stand people from the same dynasty. The man in white clothes who stands on a white chariot has given me nothing but love and affection. I used to sit on his lap with my soiled clothes and yet, he would embrace me. He is my Grandsire, Krishna. That is Sage Drona who gave me knowledge and taught me everything that he knows. He taught me more than his son Ashwathama. I have come to fight and, if possible, kill him. The very thought makes me go cold. My throat is dry. My hands, which hold the bow, become numb. My body trembles more than it did in winter. The Gandiva slips from my shoulders. How can I kill the people I honour and respect? I cannot turn Kurukshetra into my family’s cemetery. Why don’t you say something?

Lord Krishna: I am listening. First, finish what you are saying.

Arjun: What can I say? I won’t build my palace on the corpses of my dynasty. I don’t want this happiness which stinks of blood. Shall I kill the teachers I honoured? Shall aim an arrow at those who taught me the art? I don’t want victory at this price. Let alone this earthly kingdom and I don’t want Heaven at this price. Duryodhan may have cheated us, insulted Draupadi and the dynasty but he is still Elder Father’s eldest son. Should we destroy the dynast for a piece of land? O Lord! Even if we lose everything and are saved from the sin of ending the dynasty then we will have won peace cheaply.

Lord Krishna: Kutastwa kasmalamvidam vishmesam upasthitam;

                        Anryajustham aswargyam akirtikaramarjun!!

Meaning: Why this lifeless dejection in this hour of trial? Despair wins neither heaven nor fame.

Before you call out my name, tell me, when destruction stares you in the face and truth looks to you for protection and victory, how can you display such cowardice. Strong men do not lose themselves in dejection. Do not become impotent in this hour of trial. O destroyer of the Enemy! O Victorious one! These un-Aryan feelings will win neither fame nor heaven. You will hate even yourself. O Arjun! Give up this weakness. Stand up and fight!

Arjun: How can I stand up and fight? How can I kill Grandsire? Or Sage Drona? How can I kill those worthy of respect? Shall I defeat those who taught me how to win? It is better to beg than raise my hand in attack. At least I won’t stain my hands with blood. I cannot even understand is it better to win or lose this war? The Kauravas stand before me like enemies. I know I cannot live without killing them but it won’t be easy to live after killing them. Aren’t they my brothers? Tell me?

Lord Krishna: Of course!

Arjun: Is that all you can say?

Lord Krishna: But that’s all you asked. This war is not to establish relationships or identities. Recognise your duty and decide because only you can take a decision. I cannot take decision to save you from the responsibility of this war. This war is yours and so is the result.

Arjun: I cannot see my duty clearly. So, become the guide of my soul. I know I stand between truth and untruth but cannot decide on which side truth stands. Guide me O Krishna! Save me from this despair. I cannot fight in such a state of mind. O Krishna! Shall I fight or not?

Lord Krishna: Ashochyaan anvashochastwam prajnaavaadaamshcha bhaashase;

                         Gataasoon agataasoomshcha naanushochanti panditaah!!11!! CH2

Meaning: About Yoga is knowledge.

O Arjun! Those who are dead are dead. The wise do not grieve for those who die or live. They grieve for neither birth nor death. You talk like a wise man but you words are foolish. Before you grieve find out if they are worthy of your grief.

Arjun: Are not Grandsire and the Sages worthy of grief?

Lord Krishna: Would I deny it if they were? Remember one simple truth, It is the soul which is of essence, not the body. Death is not its end because it is eternal. Death is a momentary respite. The wind does not end with the breath. Man is first a child, a youth then an old man and then Death. This is the journey of the body. The soul goes beyond that. It moves from one body to another. The journey which ends with death is that of the body.

Na jaayate mriyate vaa kadaachin

Naayam bhootwaa bhavitaa vaa na bhooyah;

Ajo nityah shaashwato’yam puraano

Na hanyate hanyamaane shareere!!20!! CH2

Meaning: About Death & Soul

The Soul’s journey is eternal. The body is left behind and the Soul moves on, assuming a new body just like we discard old clothes for new.

Vaasaamsi jeernaani yathaa vihaaya

Navaani grihnaati naro’paraani;

Tathaa shareeraani vihaaya jeernaa

Nyanyaani samyaati navaani dehee!!22!! CH2

Meaning: About transcendental truth

Why grieve when the Soul cannot be destroyed? Why grieve the destruction of the body? The body is not eternal, it is to be discarded. It is the soul which is eternal.

Arjun: Will those before us be there after the war?

Lord Krishna: What is being and not being? There neither was a time when all of us did not exist nor a time when all of us will not exist. Why do you feel that this life is the complete life? This life is not a complete life. We were, we are and we will be. As for happiness and sorrow, they are like seasons, they come and go. Those who are unmoved by happiness and sorrow, those who remain uninfluenced by them are worthy of salvation.

Maatraasparshaastu kaunteya sheetoshnasukhaduhkhadaah;

Aagamaapaayino’nityaas taamstitikshaswa bhaarata!!14!! CH2

Meaning: About nature of challenge.

Be free from the doubts of killing and being killed. Only those who are born can die. The soul is beyond time. The body is born, not the soul. If the soul is not born how can it die? The soul exists. That’s all! It spans time from end to end. It is unborn, eternal and holy. It is indestructible and without flow. So, do not worry about killing and being killed. Only the body dies and even after its death the soul does not die. Weapons cannot kill it, fire cannot burn it, water cannot dissolve it or the wind cannot dry it.

Nainam cchindanti shastraani nainam dahati paavakah;

Na chainam kledayantyaapo na shoshayati maarutah!!23!! CH2

Meaning: About transcendental truth.

Why do you worry now?

Arjun: O Krishna! Do I call a soul Grandsire? Is my affection merely for a soul? Is that white-clad elderly man, merely a soul? Did not the body, which you call the soul’s clothing, bless me many a times? Is the sage who taught me archery merely a soul? I do not deny that souls are holy and indestructible but I am talking about the body. Am I not related to these bodies? Souls are not born but surely people are.

Lord Krishna: Of course, people are born, but extend this argument of yours. Those who are born will die then why grieve the predestined? Those who are born will surely die but death is not the end for they will be reborn. This is the unshakeable truth and none can avoid it, neither I nor you. No one in this universe! Bhishma has the boon of willful death but death is still inevitable. In the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, where is the place for grieving? Those before you existed before this birth but you don’t know what they were. They will exist after this birth but you won’t know. Their existence for you is confined to this birth. Beyond it, it is unknown, undefined. Before this birth they did not exist for you, after this birth they will not exist for you. So, Arjun why grieve, for a life whose death is predestined and cannot be changed by you? Grandsire, the sages and other relations were not known to you before birth. Hence, it is useless to grieve for them.

Avyaktaadeeni bhootaani vyaktamadhyaani bhaarata;

Avyakta nidhanaanyeva tatra kaa paridevanaa!!28!! CH2

Meaning: Advice

Swadharmam api chaavekshya na vikampitum arhasi;

Dharmyaaddhi yuddhaacchreyo’nyat kshatriyasya na vidyate!!31!! CH2

Meaning: About facing the challenge

Why are you so surprised? Like the tearing of cloth is predestined, the death of the body is the ultimate truth. Why grieve for the truth? Man is not a mixture of body and soul, the body is the vehicle for soul. Do not worry about the body and do your duty. Even according to the warrior code you must wage war. It is a warrior’s duty to fight evil. Today evil stands before you fully armed. It is your duty to fight it.

Arjun: I brought you here to ask you, what is my duty? What is truth?

Lord Krishna: Who are you?

Arjun: I am Arjun, disciple of Drona!

Lord Krishna: What else?

Arjun: Son of Kunti!

Lord Krishna: What else?

Arjun: A warrior!

Lord Krishna: You are Drona’s disciple because of that, because you are Kunti’s son, you are a warrior. So, basically you are a warrior. To abide by the warrior code is your duty. To fight evil is the warrior’s duty. To fight injustice is the warrior’s code. If in this crucial moment you do not fight evil, your fame will be eroded as also your code. If this happens, your enemies and the world will call you an evil man and a sinner. The coming generations will call you a coward. Do not be lost in the questions of victory and defeat, life and death. If you win you will get success and a kingdom. If you die, you will go to heaven. Get up Arjun and fight. Happiness, sorrow, profit, gains, victory, defeat are all the same. It is not only the code but also your duty.

Hato vaa praapsyasi swargam jitwaa vaa bhokshyase maheem;

Tasmaad uttishtha kaunteya yuddhaaya kritanishchayah!!37!! CH2

Meaning: Arise, Resolve to fight.

Arjun: My hands still refuse to pick up the Gandiva. I don’t understand how I will benefit from this war.

Lord Krishna: Benefit! Loss! These are irrelevant. I know you want neither heaven nor earth. Hence, Arjun

Sukhaduhkhe same kritwaa laabhaalaabhau jayaajayau;

Tato yuddhaaya yujyaswa naivam paapamavaapsyasi!!37!! CH2

Meaning: Go beyond victory, defeat, loss, gain, happiness or sorrow.

Arjun: I still cannot move.

Lord Krishna: Till now I was appealing to your conscious mind which can look into the depths of truth and recognize the voice of the soul. You are probably lost in its immortality. Weigh this moment in the balance of earthly action. Decide about your duty from this viewpoint, Even then you’ll reach the same decision. You must fight this war.

Arjun: That is exactly what I cannot decide.

Lord Krishna: You cannot decide this because you are looking at it from a personal viewpoint. That is the problem, the bond of attachment. From therein arises your sorrow and it is neither good for you nor society, neither present nor future. Don’t think of profit or loss. Do your duty! Act! Action (karma) in itself is pure and meritorious. It is for the good of society. Action (karma) is its own reward. But if you act for your own good, the action (karma) will be impure. So, walk along the path of desire less action. The reward of your action is not in your control. So, act but do not expect any reward.

Karmanyevaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana;

Maa karmaphalahetur bhoor maa te sango’stwakarmani!!47!! CH2

Meaning: Yoga of knowledge

Arjun: How is desire less action possible, Krishna? Reward motivates action. Without reward who will act?

Lord Krishna: Because life is impossible without action, you will do something. You’ll either eat or not, you’ll either give away food or not, you’ll either wage war or not. You have the option to do something or not. The result, the reward is not in your hands. The option is the limit of your control. You can either wage war or not but the result is not in your control. Even if you desire victory it may not be yours, you could also lose! Your desire to win will make you fear defeat. If you are indifferent to victory and defeat but fight the war as your duty then there will be no question of happiness or sorrow. Such a desire less person is imperturbable. Hence, shed any desire for reward. Do what is within your control which means, do your duty. This is karma yoga, understand it well! You can opt to do or not to do but that is the end of your right. You cannot control the result. You are an ace archer but if your target moves a little you’ll miss it. You control your bow and your vision but you cannot control the target. The true man does not cross his limits. Be steady and firm in your duty because its efficient fulfillment is yoga.

Arjun: What is yoga?

Lord Krishna:   That’s what I am telling you. Yoga is fulfillment of duty, giving up temptation to do one’s duty and ability to be the imperturbable.

Buddhiyukto jahaateeha ubhe sukrita dushkrite;

Tasmaad yogaaya yujyaswa yogah karmasu kaushalam!!50!! CH2

Meaning: Self Realization

Arjun: How do I recognize Imperturbable man? What are the signs? How does he behave? How does he talk?

Lord Krishna: It is not difficult to recognize such a man.

Prajahaati yadaa kaamaan sarvaan paartha manogataan;

Aatmanyevaatmanaa tushtah sthitaprajnastadochyate!!55!! CH2

Meaning: Language of the perfect

Like him, you must shed your desires. Free yourself from ambition. Go beyond happiness and sorrow. Neither happiness nor sorrow can move you. The imperturbable man always remains calm and balanced. None can make him lose his balance. When he speaks, it is not with sorrow or happiness but from the depths of his soul. He speaks not of attachment but of desire less action. When he sits he withdraws into himself like a tortoise. He is his own fort. His senses are in his control. Only he can control his senses that can control his mind.

Dhyaayato vishayaan pumsah sangas teshupajaayate;

Sangaat sanjaayate kaamah kaamaat krodho’bhijaayate!!62!! CH2

Krodhaad bhavati sammohah sammohaat smriti vibhramah;

Smritibhramshaad buddhinaasho buddhinaashaat pranashyati!!63!! CH2

Meaning: about sources of all evil

The ordinary mortal thinks of objects, this in turn leads to attachment, which further leads to the birth of desire, when desire is unfulfilled it leads to anger, From anger is born greater attachment to the object. With this, the ability to think begins to stray, when this happens, intelligence is destroyed. This, in turn leads to the downfall of man. Temptation will destroy your intelligence. How can you get peace without intelligence? How can a person who cannot distinguish between peace and turmoil ever be happy? Like a gust of wind buffets the boat desire makes the intelligence stray.

Indriyaanaam hi charataam yanmano’nuvidheeyate;

Tadasya harati prajnaam vaayur naavam ivaambhasi!!67!! CH2

Meaning: Means of deliverance

Hence, control your senses. Let not the senses control you. Listen to this with care and understand it. When the world sleeps the perfect man awakes. He only sleeps when the world awakes.

Arjun: What is this sleeping and awakening, night and day?

Lord Krishna: I am not talking about night or day. I am talking of sleeping and awakening. The ordinary man is prey to temptation. That is the aim of his awakening. He wants food when he is hungry, he wants water when he is thirsty, he needs a house to save himself from the weather, and his thoughts are selfish. The perfect man’s thoughts are self-less, he is beyond selfish hunger and thirst, he does not think of the fallen fruit but the tree. The ordinary man needs fuel for his engine. He will go on cutting trees till forest is destroyed. The perfect man thinks of the importance of forest about the balance of nature and the relation of forests and the seasons. The sensual man’s day is the perfect man’s night. The letter has none beyond duality. The sensual man’s night is the perfect man’s day. His Sun awakens in the stillness of the night. The perfect man is also interested in solutions. This is what separates him from the sensual man.

Yaanishaa sarvabhootaanaam tasyaam jaagarti samyamee;

Yasyaam jaagrati bhootaani saa nishaa pashyato muneh!!69!! CH2

Meaning: Contrast between evil and wise.

O Arjun! Truth is beyond the senses. It is not that the perfect man is not hungry but he goes beyond hunger and thinks of a solution for hunger. That’s why the sensual man’s day is his night. The sensual man can make himself perfect. The sensual man is like the river which flows on eagerly without realizing where it is going only to squander its water into the sea. Even then the sea does not cross the limit of its shore. The river of desires overwhelms the sensual man. The perfect man however can absorb it and still not cross his limits. O Arjun! Become like the sea. The sea is knowledgeable, you too be knowledgeable. Knowledge is excellent.

Arjun: O Krishna! O all knowing! If knowledge is better than action, why do you ask me to act and fight this war? You have confused me, if knowledge is excellent why do this terrible deed? Why fight this war? Why not be the perfect man and avow silence? My lord! Show me the path of welfare.

Lord Krishna: Loke’smin dwividhaa nishthaa puraa proktaa mayaanagha;

                        Jnaanayogena saankhyaanaam karmayogena yoginaam!!3!! CH3

Meaning: Self-development through action

O Arjun! There are two types of people in this world, the meditator and the doers. The meditators search for God within themselves. This is the path of knowledge.  The doers try to attain God through action. But there is no freedom from action (karma). Searching for God within is also action (karma). So Arjun! There are only two paths, the path of knowledge and the path of action.

Arjun: Then why should I not walk the path of knowledge?

Lord Krishna: Seeking knowledge does not mean giving up action (karma). Life without action (karma) is impossible. The eye will see and eyelids blink, the ears will hear. The man who forcibly suppresses his senses and tries to meditate is not yogi but a liar. The yogi does not suppress the senses but controls them. He does not live with his eyes closed. The body’s journey without action is impossible. As long as a man breathes he will experience both a perfume and an odor. If there is a rhythm or noise around him his ears will not wait for an order to hear it. The perfect man controls the senses and gives them a direction and his awakened mind. He realizes his options and knows how to organize them. Doing routine tasks is better than doing nothing. It is true that the eyes see but the yogi decides what they should see none of his senses are completely free. This separates the yogi from the sensual man. So, Action is essential for salvation but act like the perfect man.

Niyatam kuru karma twam karma jyaayo hyakarmanah;

Shareerayaatraapi cha te na prasiddhyed akarmanah!!8!! CH3

Yajnaarthaat karmano’nyatra loko’yam karmabandhanah;

Tadartham karma kaunteya muktasangah samaachara!!9!! CH3

Meaning: spirit of self-dedicated activities.

Action should be like a ritual offering. Action is a ritual, its aim being indestructible Godhead. The path of action goes straight to godhead. His life becomes valueless if he does not participate in the life cycle. Don’t go towards a valueless life. The one who thinks of only himself is a sinner. So, recognize your duty and do it. Desire for the reward is the real obstacle. It is the real millstone around the neck. It does not allow him to rise above himself. This isolates the person from his society pushing him into the mire of profit and loss. Society is not a part of you, you are part of it. So, your prime duty is the people’s welfare. What is good for society is good for you. Acting for the peoples’ good is your salvation. Selfish action is a sin. It takes you away from the path of salvation. Remember Arjun! You are a great man, other people will walk the path of desire and greed. Great men are always emulated as ideals. Take me for example

Na me paarthaasti kartavyam trishu lokeshu kinchana;

Naanavaaptam avaaptavyam varta eva cha karmani!!22!! CH3

Meaning: reasons for action

I need not do anything in the universe. There is nothing that I cannot obtain. And yet, I am before you. Doing my duty! I am proving that life can be spent in desire-less action.

Saktaah karmanyavidwaamso yathaa kurvanti bhaarata;

Kuryaad vidwaam stathaa saktash chikeershur lokasangraham!!25!! CH3

Even the sensual man acts but it is from the selfish point of view. The yogi’s acts are selfless for the world and welfare of the people. Do not burden your mind. Dedicate your actions to me and fight this war. Death in the path of duty is welcome. Even if you kill your teachers and elders in the course of duty then it is not a sin. If they die, their death will be for the good, if you die, your death will also be for the good. Therefore, fight! The path of truth cannot be the path of sin.

Arjun: Talking of sin, why is a man sometimes compelled to sin? Who compels him?

Lord Krishna: His lust and his selfishness, his anger and temptation compel him to sin. Recognise these enemies. Like the smoke cloaks fire, dust cloaks the mirror, desire, or anger or lust cloak knowledge.

Aavritam jnaanam etena jnaanino nityavairinaa;

Kaamaroopena kaunteya dushpoorenaanalena cha!!39!! CH3

The fire of temptation and desire destroys knowledge and is its enemy. So Arjun! Cleanse the mirror and purify the fire, modify the senses and kill this enemy of knowledge.

Indriyaani paraanyaahur indriyebhyah param manah;

Manasastu paraa buddhir yo buddheh paratastu sah!!42!! CH3

Meaning: Scheme of self-discovery.

The power of the senses is no doubt great but greater than that is the mind, greater than mind is reason but the soul is the greatest. So, worry about the soul. Take it beyond the senses, mind and reason. You are my disciple and my friend. Hence, I am giving you this lost knowledge. I revealed it to the sun who gave it the Manu, who gave it to his son king Ishvaku.

Arjun: You gave it to the Sun? But you were born in this Age! The sun God is ancient. How could you then give this knowledge to the sun?

Lord Krishna: Bahooni me vyateetaani janmaani tava chaarjuna;

                        Taanyaham veda sarvaani na twam vettha parantapa!!5!! CH4

Meaning: Theory of incarnation.

We have both taken many births. I remember all those births. You don’t. In a sense, I am eternal and indestructible, the lord of all animals but through my wondrous power I incarnate myself.

Yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanir bhavati bhaarata;

Abhyutthaanam adharmasya tadaatmaanam srijaamyaham!!7!! CH4

Paritraanaaya saadhoonaam vinaashaaya cha dushkritaam;

Dharma samsthaapanaarthaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge!!8!! CH4

I incarnate myself whenever truth is in danger, whenever evil threatens to overwhelm it. I come to protect the good and vanquish the evil. I come in age after age to establish truth.

Arjun: But why does truth suffer?

Lord Krishna: Truth suffers when man cannot avoid temptation, when he is unable to relate to society above self. Why else did the wax house tragedy happen? Or Draupadi’s disrobing? Why else are they fighting us?

Arjun: Shouldn’t I be angry at Draupadi’s disrobing?

Lord Krishna: You have to decide that but her disrobing is not your personal problem. How can the society which kept quite at the disrobing of Queen Draupadi protect an ordinary woman? Hence, the disrobing is a social problem. It is your duty to destroy those who dared to disrobe Draupadi. They are the enemies of society. Do not hesitate to fight with all those great men who side with evil. Rise above personal anger and fight for the people. That is your prime duty. Look at me I did created this society and the four castes but did not desire reward for it. Though I am the creator, I am beyond it. The man who sees this truth finds his freedom.

Na maam karmaani limpanti na me karmaphale sprihaa;

Iti maam yo’bhijaanaati karmabhir na sa badhyate!!14!! CH4

I desire no reward so my action is not contaminated. Act without desire and selfish greed. Distinguish between action (karma), inaction (akarma) and bad action (vikarma).

Arjun: What is the difference?

Lord Krishna: Action free from desire is inaction. The action which is not good for society is bad action. Action is superior to inaction. The doer is superior to the non-doer. The non-doer does not desire reward. He is an intelligent man. For him the action is the reward. After the action, he does not wait for a reward, he moves to his next action. The fire of his knowledge burns anger, temptation, ambition, gain, sorrow, loss, happiness and purifies his action. Thus the doer becomes the non-doer. He merely does what is essential for life. All other actions are for the good of society. Though a man, he is not contaminated by sin. His very existence is good for society. Such a life is a ritual offering to God. You too make your life such an offering. Burn to ash all desire greed, anger.

Arjun: What is Yagna the ritual offering?

Lord Krishna: Different people define it differently. For some, it is Godhead, for them everything is Godhead. For some, it is a means to please the Gods. For some, it is the soul’s unification with god. Likewise, the offerings are also different, some offer wealth, others action. But in reality there are four types of ritual offerings. The first is Dravya Yagna, wealth is used for the good of society for the welfare of people. The second is Tapo Yagna, when a person makes his actions (karma) his penance (tapshya), his life becomes a Tapo Yagna. Doing your duty is also a Yagna. It is not Religion based but eternal. It benefits the person as well as society. The third is Yoga Yagna, Yoga is studied as a part of this. It takes a person to meditation. Life’s very breath is the offering. The fourth is the Gyan (knowledge) Yagna. All four Yagnas are important but the gyan yagna is the best because only knowledge can distinguish between good and bad. The fire of knowledge can purify action. Knowledge is the focus of the essence of action. Knowledge frees you from the bonds of temptation. Only knowledge can cross the sea of sin.

Act with knowledge. Knowledge is truth. The path of action is the truth. And the path of truth is action.      

Api chedasi paapebhyah sarvebhyah paapakrittamah;

Sarvam jnaanaplavenaiva vrijinam santarishyasi!!36!! CH4

Meaning: Supremacy of knowledge

Cross the sea of sin with the ship of knowledge. Just like fire burns everything, the fire of knowledge will burn away desire, anger and temptation. Remember this forever. There is nothing holier or purer than knowledge. Knowledge is the best.

Ajnashchaashraddhadhaanashcha samshayaatmaa vinashyati;

Naayam loko’sti na paro na sukham samshayaatmanah!!40!! CH4

Meaning: Call to action

He who has neither faith nor knowledge, he who is forever in doubt is lost for all time. He is neither happy on earth nor in heaven. Hence, O Arjun, get rid of doubt and awaken the perfect man within you. Follow the path of knowledge, renunciation is the ultimate limit of knowledge.

Arjun: You praise both renunciation and the path of action, are they not contradictory? Which one is superior? Why and how?

Lord Krishna:  The true renouncer rises above jealousy and ambition. He is above contradictions and thus frees himself. Only the foolish think the path of action and renunciation are contradictory. The wise do not think so. Giving up action actually means forsaking selfishness. Renunciation is impossible without the path of action. The one who follows the path of action has a full knowledge of the elements. Whatever he does, his every action is for the welfare of man. Thus, he is unstained by sin like the water does not stain the lotus.

Brahmanyaadhaaya karmaani sangam tyaktwaa karoti yah;

Lipyate na sa paapena padmapatram ivaambhasaa!!10!! CH5

Meaning: Work with detachment

The man of action surrenders all rewards and is happy in the castle of nine gates of his body. Man is unhappy because his unwisdom has covered his wisdom. When the wisdom of the soul destroys unwisdom, then the supreme can be seen in its radiance. The wise thus obtain god in their mortal life. They do not have to be reborn. They obtain salvation in their mortal life. This mortal life is very important because after it you won’t exist though your soul will. Hence, make this mortal life meaningful. Knowledge is light! Obtain it! If you do this, you will not go astray, which, in turn, will give you peace. I am the true road to peace. Those who accept me as a God, who is a friend of all will attain peace. If you accept me as a friend then listen to me and fight without this war, there can be no peace. Running from truth will not lead to peace. This war is your Religion. Fight it! Don’t think of the result. It’s not your problem who lives or who dies. Accept as the path what other call renunciation. Fight without doubt, Jealousy or Ambition. None can be perfect without sacrificing them.

Uddharedaatmanaatmaanam naatmaanamavasaadayet;

Atmaiva hyaatmano bandhuraatmaiva ripuraatmanah!!5!! CH6

Meaning: Potentiality of human

It is your duty to awaken the soul. Arise o man! Tour soul can be your friend as also your enemy. He who can control his ego, mind and senses will be his own friend. Those who are controlled by them will not prosper. Those who are balanced will find peace and one-ness with God. However, those who go to extremes cannot find fulfillment. Life should be balanced, those who live a balanced life will find their sorrow disappearing. Like a lamp in steady wind his soul is steady in temptation. Steady the restless mind with your soul. That is the solution to your problems. Look at me, Arjun! Those who see me in everything can never go astray. I never forget those who do not forget me. He lives in this world and yet, is within me. He is perfect who shares pain and pleasure.

Aatmaupamyena sarvatra samam pashyati yo’rjuna;

Sukham vaa yadi vaa duhkham sa yogee paramo matah!!32!! CH6

Meaning: Yoga of meditation

 Arjun: But even the perfect mind can go astray?

Lord Krishna: Of course, it can go astray.

Arjun: How then will this affect achieving Godhead? Is the person strays destroyed?

Lord Krishna: Whether in heaven or earth, the person who does well is never destroyed. O Arjun! Set your heart on me. Seek my refuge and you shall be given full knowledge. I am the greatest truth. The entire universe revolves around me. I am the taste in water, the light in the sun and the moon. I am the essence of the Vedas. I am sound of the heavens. I am the sweet perfume of the earth. I am the brightness of fire and the life in animals. I am the penance of sages. I am the first seed, the wisdom of the wise, the luster of the lustrous. I am the power of the powerful. I am desire when it is pure. I am in everything and yet separate. I am indestructible and without definition. I know everything of the past the present and the future but none knows me! I am the father of this universe as also the mother. I am the three Vedas. I am the master and the way. I am the creator and the destroyer. I am the refuge. I am everything. I am the heat as also the rain. I am the earth’s indestructible seed. I am a friend to all but they are all equal to me. I don’t love or hate anyone. Those who worship me with faith, they are in me and I am in them.

Samo’ham sarvabhooteshu na me dweshyo’sti na priyah;

Ye bhajanti tu maam bhaktyaa mayi te teshu chaapyaham!!29!! CH9

Meaning: Royal secret

Arjun: You are the creator! The only refuge! You are supreme one! You are the eternal, unborn God! Only you have full knowledge of yourself. O God of Gods! O Divine Spirit! How do I recognize you? How do I know you? Speak to me in full of your power and glory.

Lord Krishna: There is no end to my infinite vastness. Even then, listen! I am the soul in the heart of all things.

Ahamaatmaa gudaakesha sarvabhootaashayasthitah;

Ahamaadishcha madhyam cha bhootaanaamanta eva cha!!20!! CH10

Meaning: Divine Glories

I am the beginning the middle and the end of the end. I am the Vishnu among the sons of light, the lord of winds. I am sun among lights the moon among stars.

Vedaanaam saamavedo’smi devaanaam asmi vaasavah;

Indriyaanaam manashchaasmi bhootaanaamasmi chetanaa!!22!! CH10

Meaning: Meditating upon the self

I am the Samaveda among Vedas, Indra among Gods, the mind among the senses, awakening among the living. I am Shiva among demons, Kuber among monsters, fire among radiant spirits and Sumeha among mountains. I am Brihaspati among priests, Kartikeya among warriors. I am an ocean among lakes. I am Bhrigu among Seers and the eternal word ‘OM’. I am the Himalayas among things that don’t move. I am tree of life among trees, Narada among Sages. Kapila among Seers and Chitraratha among musicians. Among horse I am the horse of Indra. Among elephants, Airavata. A king among men. I am never ending time.

All the verses of chapter 10 and 11 describes about Divine Glories.

Arjun: My eyes have opened, my lord. Dilemma and doubt have forsaken me. What you say is the truth. There is no other truth. I want to see your Divine form

Then lord Krishna shows his Maha Avtaar.

Then Arjun asks for forgiveness.

Lord Krishna: There is no forgiveness between friends, a father and son, God and his worshipers. The basis of these relationships is love, faith and worship.

Mayyaaveshya mano ye maam nityayuktaa upaasate;

Shraddhayaa parayopetaaste me yuktatamaa mataah!!2!! CH12

Meaning: Path of meditation

Oordhwamoolam adhahshaakham ashwattham praahuravyayam;

Cchandaamsi yasya parnaani yastam veda sa vedavit!!1!! CH15

Meaning: The Supreme Spirit

Manmanaa bhava madbhakto madyaajee maam namaskuru;

Maamevaishyasi satyam te pratijaane priyo’si me!!65!! CH18

Meaning: Liberation through Renunciation.

Lord Krishna:Raise your Gandiva and fight!

Both goes back to the Pandavas army and epic war of Mahabharata begins.

If you wanna read whole Gita by yourself you can download pdf here with this link


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