NaMo India

Just few hours back BJP declared NaMo as PM candidate. One more milestone achieved

NaMo india

Points to keep in mind

#1 NaMo will be PM for next 20 years

#2 Barkha Dutt will continue to talk rubbish shit on NDTV as always with other NDTV reporters.

#3 CNN IBN will try to compete against NDTV in showing rubbish shit.

#4 NaMo will prove again and again that politics doesn’t matter if you are a hard worker.

#5 Sensex will cross 30K mark.

#6 People will have prosperity at home due to massive creation of jobs.

#7 Entrepreneurs day will be back with more opportunity and cash flow.

#8 List of billionaires in country will increase.

#9 India will get all the black money deposited in Swiss banks.

#10 Ram Jethmalani will expose Nitin Gadkari, Ananth Kumar and other corrupt leaders of BJP as he has promised on TIMES NOW

#11  Bull shit Sonia will remain hospitalized in America and Italy…!!!! By Rahul 🙂

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Write your comments and let me know if I am missing any points. Share it if you liked the this point by article.


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