A letter to my sister!!!

Dear di

Always remember these four points and I can promise you that will never face problem in your life.

1. All the human being are selfish so you will have to be selfish. And reason for being selfish is the old Darwin’s theory which says “survival for fittest”, which means only those people survives in this world who are fit enough to fight with situation (whether it is emotional or physical). For instance When someone dies in an accident in very young stage his/ her relatives or family member will never do suicide because of his or her loss but they will fight for their existence and survival.

2. Always keep yourself busy in doing something so that you can avoid worthless surrounding. Bhagwad Gita says do your karma (hard work) because it will lead you to realization.

3. Never expect anything from anyone because you will get disappointed when your expectation will not be achieved or fulfilled.

4. Do care for even 1 rupee coin, cause combination of 1 rupee makes millions, till you are not working for any money. There are 260 million people in India who is earning less than rupee 26 (less than 50 cents), and they are considered below poverty line but surviving because they are fit enough to survive.

Hope your all problems are answered.

yours truly



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