Why read?

Reading increases our concentration level. We don’t need to do meditation if we have reading habit. The surrounding appears simpler, and we are able to see even those aspects which are not clearly visible to others. But it has dark side, if someone reads worthless stuffs, he/she will get addicted to it (as brain process negative aspects firsts), and addiction of any thing is bad, it can cause time management problem, and can easily be diverted from the purpose of doing things.So, first go through review of any thing then start reading, Happy Reading!!!!

Omega Goons

One of the questions which a student comes across frequently and almost always answered either incorrectly or incompletely is why should one read? The reading in present context excludes reading stuffs which are part of your course or part of your profession. By reading I mean reading the stuffs which apparently do not have any immediate tangible benefits like reading work of fiction and non-fiction. Lets also exclude junks like Chetan Bhagat (or for that matter Sidney Sheldon) mass market fiction. Even though the latter category does provide the readers, to some extent, with the benefits I will be discussing, but lets just drop them and include only serious works – fiction or non-fiction.

The idea for this blog came to me two months back when I was looking for some website or article which lists all the benefits of reading at one place. My purpose was to motivate junior…

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